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Want to buy Bukowski Lives - Russian book & CD (1 Viewer)

Hi all,

New to the forums and joined specifically to see if anyone here could either directly sell, or point me in the right direction to purchase a physical copy of:


Bukowski Lives
Избранные стихотворения Чарльза Буковски
"Selected Poems of Charles Bukowski"
Published: The New Cultural Space (2003)
ISBN: 5-902404-04-5 or 5902404045
Barcode: 9785902404040

Interested in this mostly for the CD. (I already have a download of it and realize it is just Uncensored: Run with the Hunted tracks + added music.) Does anyone know if this was a real factory pressed silver CD or was it just a CD-R? If it was a CD-R, my interest isn't very strong. If it was a real CD, then I'm interested for collecting purposes (I feel CDs are more 'archival' than downloads or CD-Rs)

I've looked high and low and can't locate a copy. I think it was limited to 500 copies. Possibly this was in a DVD type amaray case and the booklet was a little pamphlet? Not sure.

Another thread w/more information on it:

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