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This was later mutilated in What Matters Most...I don’t have the book for the side by side.

Again, they’re having a drink and never got drunk ...
That’s a beauty,
I was 23 and sat three barstools away burning sorrows
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I'm curious, where is the original version? I have 'what matters most' and the typed version and the version in the book are the exact same? Is there a link to the apparently 'mutilated' version?

OK. I have found the change in the first stanza. Again though, they don't actually change anything about the meaning, or distort or mutilate. It is the most basic kind of editing. Not some butchers mutilation.

I'm going to sift through more....does anyone else feel the edits are actually superficial and don't change anything significantly?
I don't consider changing every instance of the word "drunk" to "drink" and removing the whole last stanza, "we got drunk together," as the most basic kind of editing.

When we talk about "butchery" we're not talking about one poem. We're talking about removing references to drinking, drugs, insanity, and other things that would offend the sensibilities of a Christian Scientist from half of Bukowski's Black Sparrow/Ecco collections. And that's just the cutting. The meaning of many poems was changed by pointless edits and rewrites.

It's a big, ugly picture that goes way beyond what you see here. And what's here is bad enough. Unless the words "drinking" and "drunk" mean the same thing. They don't, of course, so changing the word, minor as it may seem, changes the intention.
Yep, fair enough, though 'drinking' and 'drunk' are aspects of tense and don't necessarily change the meaning in a significant way.

'he took a drink'

'he got drunk'

are different but not in a meaningful way that would distort meaning. Only a tiny shift in tense.

But I get you, I do, I do....I didn't realise Martin was a Christian Scientist. That is bizarre. A Christian Scientist bringing Bukowski to the world. I wonder if he still is.....he's 90 now! :O

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