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i mailed for a few things from a dude in california
sky books or..
cant remember
but i got a couple of list that blew me in the dirt
and an editors note to that catalog
that seemed to (dare your interest or need) to this guys collection
photo after photo of art and early publications of buk stuff

i will find the book again
been searching my piles its bound to show up

but the paintings buk did
besides the normal james thurber influenced type drawings
were a great discovery

it took me twelve years or more of reading the poetry
and the books of letters before i got to see bulk of stuff
that was included in all the " special copies "
montforts buk cllection

this all reminds me of that age old post

remember that lost calalog 53 book?that i cant find
it was a mysterious reference to montforts sweet buk collection

did anyone ever get a copy of that?it was wierd because it said
in fine print something like "here is the record of work'the rest is up to you"
The Simon Finch catalogue?

A PDF of it (minus the photo section and cover) is still available from the Simon Finch site.

The catalogue is arranged, where possible, in date order. A few undateable or variously-dated items are placed in the final section. Concordances are given at the end of the catalogue. After that, you're on your own.​
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