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d gray

tried to do his best but could not
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always loved that very strange story.

looks interesting - good luck with it.
Buk fans, I invite you to watch the short film we made based on one of Buk's stories from Notes. We've had a nice little festival run and are ready to make it public. If you'd like to watch, simply visit this link, where you will find the vimeo link and password.

If you dig it, please take another second to vote for it. Regardless of whether you love or hate it, please let us know your thoughts here on the forum. Danke.


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You know, for a film that follows the short story so closely, you completely missed what to me, anyway, is the transcendent moment in the story. When the sun finally pokes through the grey day and illuminates the hand with pink light.

You ignore all that, and your tailor just looks at a body laying there and loses it. For no apparent reason.

Well, anywho.
all I get is this note:


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