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I?m playing with some music and want to use some of Bukowski?s
poems over it. (His original voice)

Can someone tell me who has the rights to his poems...?
Is it Linda Bukowski...?
If its Linda Bukowski... can someone help me with an E-mail
adress to her...? Or a post adress....?

Uffe Weber
Hi Uffe,
I would not contact Linda. She gets WAY to many requests. I can assure you that if you send her a request, there is a 99% chance that it will be thrown away. Also, she does not use e-mail. Getting Bukowski rights is tough. Unless you are friends with Linda, the ONLY way would be to contact Ecco and ask them. It is still a longshot, but any other way is a sure fire way to get it rejected.

Good luck.
I get this question several times a week and I always send people to HarperColins/Ecco. I don't see several new Bukowski products a week though, so I assume the rights are not granted very often. But then, they never were.

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