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I had to Google "close reading," but thanks for that, because the definition is pretty funny ("A truly attentive close reading of a two-hundred-word poem might be thousands of words long without exhausting the possibilities for observation and insight.").

Your question is vague though, because your thread title is vague. Not sure what you're looking for. Though I imagine when you find it it will be many, many thousands of words. Good luck.
I had to Google "close reading,"
I feel, it's a detailed academic comment, just like this:

Yeah, that's why I said it was funny. That kind of exercise just isn't my scene, baby. I'm not deep enough to jump into those kinds of waters.
This forum is lollipops and birthday cake compared to pretty much every other inch of the Internet, so I'm not sure where you fragile types are hanging out when you're not inserting yourselves here, bemoaning how mean and awful the Bukowski forum is.

You're like a bunch of Rohingya complaining that the milk is always warm at the only shop in Myanmar that will let you in the door.

Thank you, good night!
Tell them you just put your new turntable on top of a cassette deck, right next to a speaker. They'll welcome you with open arms.
and tell them a safety pin used as a record needle produces sound.

it actually does, too.

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