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i found a 'signed' copy of Post Office (1997) left behind by my ex-husband (loaned to him by a workmate) needless to say, since i read it, i won't be returning it.

guess i gotta find more now.


especially as he was long dead when that edition was printed...

Can you send a scan or photo of the signature. I never tire of seeing bad forgeries!



old and in the way
After Elvis Presley died there was a short film titled "He may be dead, but he's Elvis" in which Elvis' corpse is taken on tour... propped up on a stool with a guitar with his records playing (to the applause of adoring fans). Once the body became too decayed to haul around, it was cut into small pieces and put in those little bubble-packs (a card with a plastic bubble mounted to it like many toys are packaged) and sold as "Bit O' Elvis." Pretty funny little film. Not sure why this made me think of that. Probably the milking-a-dead-cow aspect of forging signatures on books that were printed after the author died.
Can you send a scan or photo of the signature.
no probs, will chuck it on the scanner (soon as I find dig it out from under all the crap in the spare room, come to think of it, maybe thats where I left Elvis...) and send it over, can't say I am not mildly interested in an expert opinion of it myself.


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