Don't Try!! (1 Viewer)

It's a box - not a bag.

Where do you want observations to lead?

And just look at yourself for a minute...if I contribute nothing....what do you contribute by doing nothing other than criticize me?

you have know that it's futile to be a self-hating aggressive message board posting stereotype

You MUST know this.
Is it?

I battle that all the time....

I'm a pretentious forced fake fraudulent fuck

but I'd rather be all those things than mundane
Everyone calm down.

"Ewok," you must know that you are also a "message board posting stereotype," and that's why you meet with a lot of resistance or disdain or dismissiveness. When your observations aren't wrong they're obvious, so no matter how much effort you put into them, chances are they are going to be seen as wrong or obvious. Think about where you are, and understand that you're going to have to dig deeper to come up with something that hasn't already been said here 100 times. A flair for the obvious is never going to carry a lot of weight among specialists.

We can all get along if everyone realizes they are a stereotype and, yes, an idiot. It's a tough pill to swallow for many of us, I understand, but it's true. You're playing your part, I'm playing my part, Skiroom is playing his part - everyone here is a type (since we're all human, as far as I can tell), and none of it means anything. Try not to get too bent out of shape, kid. It's unbecoming. Life is short.

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