Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness - Real? (1 Viewer)

Linda 'Doreen' King? I don't know if that's true..?

But I doubt that he'd be signing this for Linda King.

The hand writing looks rushed, but natural and I'd say it probably is genuine, but I wouldn't value that copy at more than $150 even with provenance.

Looks real, but very drunk. The printing and 'Charles' look good. The 'Bukowski' is questionable. But I lean towards real. I don't know who the seller is. Someone here probably knows, though.
I saw that and it looks real. I do not believe, though, that Linda's middle name was Doreen. I think that part is pure bullshit...

Still, the sig looks good to me.
Bukowski uses Doreen as a character name in "A Couple of Gigolos" from Hot Water Music, but it doesn't sound like Linda King.

and Hank is right, it is overpriced, no matter its denizen or veracity.
just saw this on ebay and wondered if it had popped up on the forum yet...
you guys all seem to think it real...overpriced? indeed. but authentic? i'd have to say no...
I never heard of Linda King having the middle name "Doreen." Could be true. Someone could ask her about the name & that copy of the book. She's on Facebook. But let's say it's her, and the handwriting is legit (it looks okay). With that great association, but in that trashed condition, I'm guessing it's a $200 book at best.

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