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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if we've got any fans of the comic on the site. If so, any cool links or insider information would be appreciated..

Happy New Year!
Well, I'm one. I loved to read about their adventures back in the seventies and I've still got some of the comic books. I met Gilbert Shelton 3-4 years ago at a comic book convention, where he signed some of them and made a nice drawing of the FFFB for me.

Freewheeling Franklin in Amsterdam, painted in Van Gogh style:

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Today I bought the first edition of Die 7. Reise, The 7th Trip, I suppose, for 1 Euro 50 cents on a flea market. It has 17 more comic stories of the FFFB and was published by Zweitausendeins in October 1979.

The old glue doesn't hold all the pages together, but I don't mind that at all.
Looking forward to the read.
Cool! I don't think I've ever read that story.

Here's a pic of Shelton with a drawing of Wonder Warthog:

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Believe me, once you've stopped smoking weed, the stories turn out to be even funnier.

You can look back and laugh at yourself for the weird things you've done, said and imagined. The temporary stupidity weed causes is absolutely ridiculous in terms of behavior, at least it was in my case. The Freak Brothers' Comics exaggerate that to the maximum.

But it's not all about weed, it's also about coke, amphetamin, LSD, heroin and every other drug.
Plus it's full of irony and sarcasm and (a very misused word) anti-establishment.

And the Freak Brothers are totally old.

If you don't like that, move on.
If you don't like that, move on.

Exactly! What's the point in joining a thread about, say, The Beatles, just to say you don't like them?
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