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Thought this would be a fun thread, and we all love alcohol here:p so as the title says, what's everyone's favourite local bar, and what's the best you've visited worldwide?

My favourite local bars are all in Glasgow obviously. They are The Goose, because it's dirt cheap and full of characters, Mono for the great music and great record shop attached, The Bon Accord and Toby Jug for their brilliant real ale selections, and fittingly Chinaski's and Black Sparrow in the west end of Glasgow. They're connected, both named for Bukowski. Chinaski's sells over seventy different bourbons (the best selection in the UK, I believe) and Black Sparrow is really chilled with great beers and a great selection of single malts. They're also along the road from the Bon Accord, so if you're ever in Glasgow you can check them all out within a ten minute walk! :) Definitely worth a visit.

The best I've visited worldwide were both in Cuba, Bar Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medi, both in Havana, and both frequented by Hemingway when he lived in Cuba. You might worry that they'd be corrupted by tourism now, but they both retain the charm and patronage of other Cuban bars, of which I visited many. I know most Americans won't get a chance to visit these fabulous pubs in Cuba any time soon, but if you ever do, or if the embargo is ever lifted, I highly recommend them both.

So what are your favourite bars? Where are they located? What's the atmosphere and drink selection like?

I do hope this topic is acceptable and popular, as I hope to visit as many great bars as possible throughout the world.
close to my house, and no one there makes fun of my toupee.

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Not sure it's a favorite but certainly never know what I'm in for entering the door at this local pub. One night full of John Grisham readers sipping Import and speaking casually of local politics, the next full of the rough and ready pulling knives and flinging pool balls.


Old man sitting on the terrace in front of my favorite café.
They're open at 9 am and they close at 8 pm.
At 5 pm smoking inside is allowed.

close to my house, and no one there makes fun of my toupee.
close to my house, and no one there makes fun of my alcoholism.
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Haven't been in this place, but drove by it a few years ago while staying with friends in Pointe Claire. Glad I was there in October before the snow.
I rather like this bar, Mandrake, in Culver City on the off times when it's not populated with hipsters. It got popular, but I've been it it when there were few people and it's great. But even when it's crowded, you can actually hear the person next to you speak, which is nice and different from most bars.


I'm not a bar person - or at least haven't been for a long time. I used to drink at a place in Hollywood called Hell's Gate (Now I think it's called Goldfingers) and a place in the valley called The Red Chariot. Then there was the Kibitz Room at Canter's on Fairfax, and a few other odd places... But that was long ago.
Back in the day, when I lived in Long Beach, CA, my favorite bar was the Forty Niner. I haven't been there in ages, so I can't speak for it now, but it was a most comfortable place back then. Well, except for a few times when bikers threatened to throw me across the room. There was a rough element, although mostly it was just college students from nearby CSULB. Cheap beer, pool tables, picnic tables and benches. Linking this back to Bukowski, I was in there twice when he was there, after readings at the university. Now that I think of it, that was the last place I saw Bukowski. I may have an old photo of the bar somewhere.
If you're ever in Newcastle (the real one, that is ;) ) check out the bars down the Ouseburn. The Tyne, The Free Trade Inn and The Cumberland Arms are probably the best. The best city centre bars are the Crown Posada, the Newcastle Arms and Tilley's.
I like Specs in North Beach, SF, CA. Something about the cheap pitchers and being able to order a pizza and have it delivered to the bar is kinda cool.
I had a good time at the Havana in San Jose Del Cabo, in Baja
The Roger Room in West Hollywood is pretty cool too.
There really aren't many good bars in the desert.

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