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Anyone who knows which font is used in CB:s poetry books from BSP? I would like to get a hold of it or something similar, preferably free for commercial use.
Once he started using the Mac he started changing up his fonts and playing around with them. The typical Black Sparrow Press books are a common font. I doubt it's hard to figure out. I don't have any books in arm's reach at the moment, and it's too early in the morning for me to go by memory....
HA HA very funny but you FORGET the manuscripts he DREW STARS ON. Those were printed DIRECTLY from the Mac and then collated into the books. THAT'S why the paper feels different. Scott Harrison told me that in CONFIDENCE, and he's an EXPERT.

The FONT used in ALL the Black Sparrow Press books is Times New Roman. JOHN MARTIN told me so in a PERSONAL LETTER that he sent to me when I requested permission to talk about BUKOWSKI with acquaintances. BUKOWSKI GERMAN SWAMP KING of EL PUEBLO DE NUESTRA SENORA LA REINA! Viva LA RAZA! For my HOMIES.
The font You can find in South of no North, pubblished in 1997 Black Sparrow, is some sort of variation on Times New Roman. You can find a difference easyest examining the letter "W". Most similar is Garamond under this aspect. Check out Giorgia, News, or Modern. No one is exactly identical however!
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