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"Vintage rockabilly, R & B, blues, vocal groups, garage, instrumentals, hillbilly, soul and surf set the stage for a three hour sonic excursion to nowhere."

airs every saturday 1 to 3 and you can stream old shows.
Fools Paradise was the oldest coffee shop in my city.

Fools was founded in 1974 and is the oldest softshop in town. It has a good choice of domestic and foreign weed, and Moroccan and black hash. Situated on the first floor over a headshop/boutique, and you can read the daily newspaper, play darts, cards or boardgames, have a free coffee or tea, or buy a cooled softdrink from their fridge or just enjoy your smoke.
Fools is closed in 2006.
we found a reggae coffee shop called Free Adam that was great. do you know that one?

apparently one of the only shops that sold beer.
No, there are so many coffee shops in Amsterdam
and I live 1 hour from Amsterdam.
The last time I smoked weed or hash has been ages ago.
Early 80ties Fools Paradise was a cozy shop.

I'v never heard that a coffee shop sold alcohol.
That must have been illegal, you were lucky.
I'v never heard that a coffee shop sold alcohol.
That must have been illegal, you were lucky.

There were some coffee shops (café/coffee shop) that also sold alcohol when I visited Amsterdam in 2002, such as the Kashmir Lounge. Since then there's been a new law saying such places have to choose between selling alcohol or weed, so Kashmir Lounge had to move the coffee shop part of their business across the street, opposite their (alcohol) café (I can just picture people running across the street and back all the time :p) .

The Kashmir Lounge have probably the most beautiful interior of all the coffee shops in Amsterdam full of Indian furniture, statues, etc., as you can see in the photos at their website.
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The Kashmir Lounge was one of the first DJ Café/Coffeeshops in the Netherlands and every night there is a different line up of DJs playing an eclectic mix of music for your pleasure.

Their music get on my nerves.
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If I owned the Kashmir lounge I wouldn't need a fucking DJ, I would just play Led Zeppelin's Kashmir really loud on a permanent loop. Because people would dig that, yo.

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