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wow, 2 bucks. that's very cool of the malones. about 8 years ago i contacted his daughter (via ebay) and she offered me any issue for $15, so i ordered all of the buk special issues. i wish i woulda bought a full run as well, but that was/still is out of my price range.
Yes indeed. $2 or $15 are still great prices. I spent about six months trying to round up the issues Buk appeared in, and I managed to get about 50 of them (just about half, but almost all of the significant ones). I've had to take a break on these, but I will say that Wormwoods are really worth it. Gerald Locklin, David Barker, Steve Richmond and others are well represented as well.
I always felt very honored to appear alongside of greats like Bukowski, Richmond, Locklin, and so many others. Wormwood was the pinnacle for a poet. You couldn't land in a better mag.

At the time Marvin Malone's daughter made that special offer to regulars, the Bukowski issues were already going for good money. She could have gotten a lot more for them. I think she did it as a tribute to her dad and as a way to pay back the poets for helping to make the magazine what it was. I thought it was a classy move.
I have a full set. #1 & #2 are fascimilies made by Marvin Malone (limited to 30 copies) as originals were impossible to find as early as the early 60's.

Ah, Bill, I'm not surprised that you have a complete run. But do you have the chapbook of Marvin Malone's own poetry? I forget the title, but I've got that, and a very broken run of Wormwoods with, thankfully, all the Bukowski complete issues and special inserts.
Bucholics and Cheromanics by Marvin Malone, Illustrated with woodcuts by A. Sypher (Marvin Malone), published by Hors Commerce Press 1963. Perfect bound.

Yep, I have it...

That's the one. I should have known you'd have it. Not many of those around.

Perfect bound? I seem to remember my copy as being stapled, and when I opened it at the back, the endpaper pulled away a bit from the staple, tearing the paper. It's a fragile binding as I recall. I'll hunt for my copy and check that. Possibly more than one version of the book was issued?

Marvin's book is both stapled and perfect bound. The pages are stapled on the edge (not saddlestitched) and then glued into the covers so the staples don't show. Unless you open it too wide and it tears.

It's a beautiful little book, nicely printed, with great woodcuts.
You know, when I initially posted it, I described it as "not one of his best." But in reading it a few times over the last several months (I read Wormies on the can), it really works for me, so maybe it is one of his best. Along with 50 or so others, of course.
The pub I frequent has a waitress who also reads Buk, and every time I go in there we talk about him; his work. And every time she asks me "What's your favorite piece this week" ... and it's never the same.

Thanks for sharing with us Purple. It's made my Saturday night. While everyone else is out acting patriotic for the one day a year they do so, I'm inside with a candle, my beer and my laptop. How romantically retro and not all at the same time.

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