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This is the last time I shall plug my own collected scrawls. But as both publishers have embraced the 21st Century and are now accepting coins via paypal it seems only fear to say that my two most recent chapbooks are available to purchase before we get hit by the credit crunch.

Apple Road


The Magnificent Guffaw

If you want a second opinion, below is what some ITK's thought of the chapbooks.
I don't know if I ever publicly thanked you for
sending me the copies of GC, and on your dime
(sending them to me for the free and the fun of it).

And it really isn't necessary to stop promoting your
poetry and writing here. We all promote ourselves
here. I may not comment, and I have never had it
together enough to get anything in for you by your
deadlines, but I do read your posts, and click your

So. There it is.
One Year Anniversary Chapbook Contest

The Great Poetry Swindle
To celebrate our first birthday on August 31st we have decided to bypass the carrot cake and absinthe shots in favour of a Chapbook contest, giving you the perfect birthday present. Working with our good friends at erbacce press the winner of the contest shall get their manuscript published in the standard A5 forty page chapbook format, the winner will receive 20 copies of the chapbook and we at Gloom Cupboard will help to promote it. To enter the contest all you need to do is send us an initial manuscript of 20 poems via email either attached as a word document or pasted in the body of the email. The deadline for submissions is August 1st 2008. Title the email "GC Chapbook Contest'.
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I suppose technically speaking this is a plug

Three new poetry chapbooks from Kendra Steiner Editions of San Antonio, Texas:

"All Along The Wensum" by RICHARD WINK (KSE #104).

Richly-drawn, disquieting snapshots of life and death in and around Norwich, England from the author of APPLE ROAD and THE MAGNIFICENT GUFFAW and editor of GLOOM CUPBOARD. Richard's first chapbook for KSE.

"Garden of Rocks" by LUIS CUAUHTEMOC BERRIOZABAL (KSE #102).

The fourth KSE chapbook from this acclaimed Los Angeles-based poet.

A razor-sharp combination of melancholy and wit in these new lyric poems influenced by the French symbolist Paul Valery.

"Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal is a brilliant lyric poet.

A great chapbook!!"
--Doug Draime

"Face To Face" by BILL SHUTE (KSE #101).

Volume 34 in the Sound Library Series, inspired by the soundtrack from the 1967 Italian western FACCIA A FACCIA (Face to Face). At a depressing stop on the Interstate north of Fort Worth and east of Denton, Texas, a semi-handicapped pizza cook and an Indian-American widow come together---somewhat.

Check the KSE blog for ordering info:

Coming in August: "Broken" by DEBBIE KIRK (KSE #106)

And don't forget our other recent releases:
A. J.

KAUFMANN, "Siva In Rags"
ADRIAN MANNING, "Wide Asleep, Fast Awake"
ALEATHIA DREHMER, "Thickets of Mayapple"
DOUG DRAIME, "Love & Blues in Oregon"
BILL SHUTE, "Quartet: Improvisations on the Mandukya Upanishad"

DEUCHARS, "Pieces of Eight"
Just received the KSE books in the post, I've got a handful that need a good home so if you want a copy of 'All along the Wensum' then send me a PM and I'll post one out to you free of charge.
so i won this, you know.

sometimes people call me Jenifer Wills instead of ms. vodka.

i mean, i'm not always one to toot my own horn...

oh who am i kidding...


gosh, they just don't make car horns like those Caprice Classics anymore, do they?

thanks, hooch. do you mean a Caprice Classic or a book? ;)

um, i still have to get them the rest of the poems and tie up some other loose ends, but i really have to say working with Alan Corkish has been awesome. He's very knowledgeable and patient and he has a great sense of humor or cough cough humour.

i will keep everyone updated as to when it's coming out as the process continues. but thanks again, hooch. i appreciate it.
angels indeed kurt. i kinda like jw vodka. it has a nice ring to it.

and thank you, Father Luke.

and thank you guys both for the nice comments and support over there and your support with editing all that shit, Father Luke. i really appreciate that also. you've helped me a lot, but you know that.

Just a heads up for the final Print Edition of 08'

~Print Edition #4~
DEADLINE 01/10/08
Send us at least six poems for consideration or a fiction piece that does not exceed 1000words. Title the email 'PE Submission'. Include bio and any necessary links.

This has probably been done before....

The Dead Poets Shooting Gallery
We shall be running a 'one off' online feature where you the writer will be welcome to take a pot-shot at one of the many deceased poets that are currently clogging up the shelves of your local high street bookstores. Select your target and shoot them with your bile. Email your submission to [email protected]
More news on the GC front. We have just completed our fourth and final Print Edition of 2008. It features

Shane Allison, Maria Anderson, Miles J. Bell, Glenn Cooper, Matthew Friday, Justin Hyde, Marie Lascu, Gary Lehmann, Louis McKee, Josh Olsen, Greg Oguss, Shawnte Orion, Zachari J. Popour, Misti Rainwater - Lites and Indrayudh Shome.

Copies are available from here


I still have a few copies of the third Print Edition, so if anyone wants one then drop me a PM
Delirium is a Disease of the Night

The latest chapbook from Richard Wink

Now Available to order......

"Richard Wink writes in a clear, interesting, resounding voice that brings the reader into any scene he draws upon. Tightly written and thoroughly enjoyable, Richard Wink's new volume is not to be missed."
- Jack Henry

"A consummate master of the metaphor Wink has the ability to lead you through seaside towns and beaches and, in-between seemingly innocent words, to enlighten you to as to the surreal nature of the human condition. Tongue firmly entrenched in his cheek he whispers about the death of Goblins while real human-beings slip unnoticed beneath the waves and eulogizes on a panic-stricken moth and the suspect seriousness of grieving kisses. Cliché's are meat for his cleaver and he kindly consigns them to oblivion as in "Blueberry Muffins' but just when you are lulled into believing it is all slightly cynical he can touch you with the plight of an aging man in "Up-to-date'. I like Wink; I like both the poet and the poetry, I like the way he bottles aggression then lets it slip out like bubbles escaping from a stiff Whiskey and Soda, I like the way he has no fear of attacking icons as he does with patent relish in "I'm really upset'. "Read these poems. Then read them all again. Be encouraged by them and by this totally original poet to tread the poetry sidewalks with a meat-cleaver dripping thick inky blood in one hand and a skeptical smile on your lips that barely conceals the fact that you are doing what you do for all of us, even if at times it hurts... that's what Wink does and it is totally refreshing."
- Alan Corkish
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Guidelines: Print Edition # 5

We are currently accepting submissions for our next Print Edition. The Edition will once again be published by our good friends at erbacce press.

Poetry: Send between 3 - 6 poems (no more than 25 lines long)
Fiction/Nonfiction: Pieces up to 750 words in length

Title email "Print Edition Submission'. Entry fee is a poem or fiction piece for the site (please indicate this on your submission)
Deadline is the 1st March 2009.
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Our new editorial team at GC is in place. We are still looking for submissions and also now I have more assistance we are accepting books, chapbooks and pamphlets for review.

We shall open submissions for our next Print Edition in September. Keep an eye out for more details.

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