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Hi again, everyone. I've been looking for a signed, numbered copy of Ham on Rye (1/350), but I've seen quite a wide range of prices online and in some local shops for what appears to be similar conditions.

So, in your experiences, what would currently be a fair price for a very good to fine copy of this edition? Thanks for your help.
These days $500-600 is a good price. Much higher than that is a little on the pricey side, but as was mentioned by PBBUK, it's become a pretty hard title to find.
if anyone wants one in shitty condition for $350, a bookstore in san francisco has it. it's faded and pretty significantly foxed, but it is what it is. i think $200 is fair for it, but i'm sure they'll sell it at that price eventually.
This one is 17.88 and has a signature.

I wrote the seller to get some details about his "inscribed" copy. Here's what I got back:

Sorry book has been sold, inscription was "sarah a very happy birthday 86, pammy", signature was not Bukowski.

Oh well, figures. Hope no one from here was the buyer. Unless you're an 86 year old lady named Sarah.
Pammy. . . ?
Pam 'Cupcakes' Miller ?

I'm sure you've seen this. . .


Wraps. As New/As New. Spiral Bound Offset
Galleys. Spiral Bound Galley Copy. Signed by
Author and Numbered. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.
This rare galley copy is 386 pages, typewritten,
with 58 chapters.this document is the first state
after the manuscript and was produced many
months before publication of the book.This early
state is not mentioned by Krumhansl but it is
documentewd in the Charles Bukowski Price Guide
by Al Fogel Bukowski's bibliographer.it is listed on
page 35 and it is listed unsigned at 1700.00 This
one is Signed by Bukowski and signed by JM (John
Martin) as "#6/12 JM. the condition is LIKE NEW.a
rare Bukowski item.The many pages measure at
least 2" thick and 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 .The label fixed to
the front cover"HAM ON RYE" A NOVEL BY
Bookseller Inventory # 000107

Book Price:
US$ 1150.00

i was the buyer and i'm trying to get a refund, but i don't think i'll be able to.

fucking furious.

it clearly said "signed by author" in the book details. i feel like a fucking idiot to trust someone just because it was on abe rather than ebay. they already shipped it (convenient same day shipping), so i'm going to be out the shipping and will have to pay more than the book cost in the first place to send the goddamn thing back to australia.
That really sucks. If you got a confirmation email which included the description, tell the seller to just give you a refund since the book was misrepresented. If the seller is honest they will probably refund your money.
That really sucks, Jordan, I'm sorry to hear that. I have a copy of their book description in my email if you want me to send it to you.

I think it's clearly a misrepresentation - it was even under the "signed" filter on abe. I guess on the bright side of things, it's only 20 bucks... but it's the principle that pisses me off.
damn bad luck indeed!
this plus your bad luck with Heat Wave.
better have a stiff drink now and maybe watch the Buk-Tape, where he states something like "you're always been burnt! if you open a glas of mustard you're burnt! everything is burning!" - that should help a little.

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