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Indeed he did:

A poetry aficionado in Eureka, Calif., published Bukowski's first book of poetry ... It was 30 pages, mimeographed. Only 200 copies were made, and few people saw it. (Ciotti 1987)

By the time of his death in March 1994, Bukowski had been for some years the best-selling poet in the world, and the most widely-read contemporary author in translation. (J. Smith 2000)
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I will probably sound even more ignorant, but ignorance can be the beauty of an open mind.

I had no flippin idea that Bukowski was one of the best selling poets of all time. That just tells you how long I have been in a cave. I first read him in 86, so as far as the Bukowski time line goes I guess its a little late. I haven't really read him in quite a while but back when I did read his great work not many people knew of him. Maybe I should say that I knew. I know poetry is not really mainstream but I was surprised to see that he is one of the all time best selling poets. I used to think I was the only one that had discovered him. Ha Ha.
wow. thanks, chronic. thought flower was shorter than that; don't know why; another one i need to add to my collection. appreciate the info. much.

A lotta kids in the english dept carried around the books (thats how I found him in the early 80s). But the profs werent teaching him then...at least not that I knew of. As soon as Barfly came out I realized his pop cult presence. And then there were the vigils at select NYC bookstores upon his death.


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Krumhansl says: 1 leaf, 12 unpaginated leaves, 1 leaf.

It was not mimeographed, incidentally, but printed offset.

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