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Hello, newbie here from Louisiana. First post and everything, saw that I should introduce myself before stumbling into everything. Forgive my English, if I make mistakes my defense is that it wasn't my first language. I think I've got a good understanding of everything though.

Happy to have found this Buk gold mine, where I can hear from some folks who also see the raw beauty in his work. My town library had only a single beaten copy of Post Office, and the attraction grew from there. Existing in a cultural brain drain for most of my life made me think that Bukowski was a little known and unsung hero, but upon searching, I realized I was dead wrong! After 3 years of reading and collecting I've finally found a watering hole of lovers. Beautiful.

Welcome to the monkey house. Enjoy your stay and be sure to wave hello to all the dingbats and weirdoes that inhabit this place!

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