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Hey Buk-heads... My first encounter with Bukowski was a long time ago… I was 20 something. First i was shocked with his words, my idea of world and humans and society is very, very similar, and that scared me, every book I began reading was a feeling of envy, fear and shame. Envy because when I took what I had already written (Songs, poems, short-stories), it looked a lot like him, i guess everything is just a copy of a copy, without even knowing about the existence of past versions, but i gave up anyway and hid in the dirty streets of São Paulo (Yeah, another brazillian shit-head and another drunk cliche), and now I'm here... Back to Buk, back to writing, back to light. Even though Bukowski helped a lot in my withdrawal , I believe that here all appreciate good materials and real literature. So I'm in. Call me Levi, i'm a drunk bastard and i give up easy... This time i gave up hiding.

PS: Michael Phillips, i like your blog! :)

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