Holga and Lucky film accident pics


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PLEASE KILL ME is good indeed. It's funny that a lot more books were written about the second and third waves of punk in the early 80's (hardcore) and 90's (grunge) than the first wave in the 70's.

I don't understand how Price playing that nightmare festival is pandering. Pandering to who? Is the rest of the music more "experimental" or "hard"? I guess I don't understand since I don't know the bands.

But Prince is a pop/funk musical genius. Music is music. But if he's really out of place there, then, yeah, booking him was probably just a ticket selling ploy. I'm just wondering though, does he really sell tickets anymore?

I've seen a lot of bands and musicians in my day, but those improptu shows at First Avenue when Prince would play with members of his own band and/or members of the Time or whoever happened to be in town at the time were some of the most creative and fun shows I ever saw. One night the Time played at First Avenue and Prince just played the drums through the whole set. Never came out from behind there, and I'm sure some of the audience didn't even realize he was back there. Ha. One night he played bass for his band, just like - nothing to it. That little fucker could play anything you put in front of him. "What's this? An Oud? Cool! Plug it in!"

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That's right Prince is from the other twin city, so he's nearly your age. It's hard to believe he is going to be 50 in June.
just got my first set of holga prints back. not bad(about a 50% success rate) but there doesn't seem to be many light leaks. i'm excited to get started on my next roll...






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Those are good for a first go-round! A lot better than my first color roll. 50% is probably a reasonable percentage to expect to be viable. Once you get to know the individual camera you can expect more. But I was thinking about it, and when I shot 35mm the "success" rate was about the same. Or maybe even less. If you get one real good shot off a roll you're doing well. The Holga might make you think about the shot more, which would tend to give you a greater number of interesting prints.

A friend of mine at work also started up with a Holga, and his has a light leak that affects one corner of every shot...but mine doesn't leak at all, and it doesn't look like Carol's does either. I just got a new one though (so I can shoot color and black and white at the same time), and it seems rickety, so I expect it to have some leak issues. Every one of them is different. Not exactly precision engineering at work there.

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Not to revive an ancient thread or anything, but -

I got my hands on 10 rolls of expired AGFA APX 400 black and white film and I am anxious to see what that does. Lucky is still my favorite, but they don't make much ISO 400 stock, mainly 100, so it's next to impossible to get Lucky 400.

AGFA stopped making camera film in 2004 (the curse of digital photography), and their APX 400 was semi-legendary for it's "atmosphere," which most photographers don't want, because atmosphere equals unpredictability. It is a very fine grain film and was intended to be a precision film, but it ended up having a very distinctive look, which people seem to either love or hate.

The rolls I have expired in January of '05 so they are almost ripe. ;) I suppose that only in a Holga would film way past it's expiration date be a good thing.


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I'll always remember him as the 32 year old Iggy who pulled my hair and whacked me across the face repeatedly with his tshirt at a Minneapolis show in 1979. That's what I get for standing right in front of him I guess.
Well glory be to the internet. Someone sent me a video...

You don't get to see Iggy abusing me, but you can see a teenaged mjp getting Iggy's signature on his Metallic K.O. t-shirt the day before the show. If I look like a dope in that video, it's because I was a dope. And everyone got to see it on the twin cities PBS station. So really, what more could I ask for?

30 years have passed and I'm still a dope. Though I wouldn't push my way through a crowd of jerkoffs for anyone's autograph anymore. So perhaps I have made progress.


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Medium blond? Someone needs a new monitor.

Gerard only thinks I still look like that because I sent a 14 year old girl in my place and told her to treat GKHL well. I was at home the entire time watching neighbors through binoculars.
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