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As requested!

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note B claims to being $10,000 in the hole only!
now that I've re-read it, I think it's quite a good intro. I like the ending part, where B says that the limited edition will be in collectors hands and that most collectors won't care a bit about the intro he's writing.
Thanks Cirerita. Interesting piece.
But I'm pretty sure I've read this someplace else before, and I don't have Horsemeat. Maybe it was in a fanzine or some such?

Funny thing: the spell checker wanted to correct Horsemeat to horse meat. Is Buk's spelling spesial in this way?
I doubt it, unless it was in a post-1982 mag! The intro is dated 1982 so I guess it was not published before that, though it might be an early, reworked text. Who knows? B recounted the same stories so many times that it's difficult to know where the "original" one is...
thanks for posting cirerita. great piece. i think i've read this somewhere before too. can't recall though. loved the part where he was arguing with his girlfriend and she said the typewriter was his girl. great stuff.
mjp said:
I read it somewhere recently too, maybe online?

I also thought I?ve read it somewhere so I checked my buk books. And
lo and behold:
In "War all the time" you can find "Horsemeat" which have some of the same statements as the intro: "You will find the lowest of the breed at the racetrack", "...waiting the long 30 minutes between races", "A racetrack never has a losing day. For each dollar bet they give back about 84 cents".
Maybe that?s why we all seem to remember it?
Can anyone tell me what the terms "quarterhorse race" and "exacta game" means?
Bukefan said:
Can anyone tell me what the terms "quarterhorse race" and "exacta game" means?

quarterhorse: A small powerful horse originally bred for sprinting in quarter-mile races in Virginia; also called a saddlehorse. A common breed compared to the thoroughbred (A racehorse belonging to a breed that originated from a cross between Arabian stallions and English mares). [Have many fond memories of racing my winning quarterhourse against the other horses in the town, having grown up on a ranch.]

exacta:A bet that you can pick the first and second finishers in the right (or exact) order.

Thanks a lot SD! I had never heard of quarterhorses before I read buk. Could you tell me if quaterhorses are a pure american racetrack phenomenon ?
About exacta: Here we have "trio-games", where you have to pick the first three horses in the exact order.


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