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Hey, anyone remeber in which Bukowski's book (and chapter ;) ) can I find famous story when he was told by doctors he would die if he took another drink?
he repeated that anecdote several times in poems, stories and interviews.

One is in the 'Notes Of A Dirty Old Man' (ca. p121):
"I'm just sitting in a room on N. Kingsley Dr., out of the hospital with hemorrhages, stomach and ass, my blood all over the county general hospital, and they telling me after nine pints of blood and nine pints of glucose, "one more drink and you're dead." this is no way to talk to a suicide head."
Another is the story 'Life and Death in the Charity Ward' which you will find in 'Erections, Ejaculations and General Tales of Ordinary Madness' or 'The Most Beautiful Woman in Town and Other Stories.'

I stopped shitting blood and I was given a list of what to eat and I was told that the first drink would kill me. They had also told me that I would die without an operation. I had had a terrible argument with a female Japanese doctor about operation and death. I had said "No operation" and she had walked out, shaking her ass at me in anger. Harry was still alive when I left, nursing his cigarettes.

I walked along in the sunlight to see how it felt. It felt all right. The traffic went by. The sidewalk was as sidewalks had always been. I was wondering whether to take a bus in or try to phone somebody to come and get me. I walked into this place to phone. I sat down first and had a smoke.

The bartender walked up and I ordered a bottle of beer.

Also in 'Confessions Of A Man Insane Enough To Live With Beasts', section 4, as collected in 'South of No North.'
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One more in the poem HANGOVERS:
Last Night of the Earth Poems pg 340

your drinking companions are
killed by it.
you yourself are in and out of
where the warning often is:
"One more drink will kill
you beat that
by taking more than one more
Thank you guys!! :) I remeber that he also mentioned about it in one of interviews.. I'm 100% that i saw it on youtube. Can you help me find this particular piece?

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