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The forum has moved a few times since it was born, we've changed the software, etc., and through all that things tend to get broken or lost.

But I really wanted to fix the broken image in this post, so I downloaded all the image attachments so I could scan through them with an image viewer and maybe find what I needed.

But I didn't think I'd have to download/look at 4,522 images.

There are a lot of scanned pages, a lot of pictures of rare stuff and there is a lot of weird shit in there too. Things I don't even remember seeing in a post.

Anyway, if you come across a broken image and it's an important post, I might be able to find the it now that all the old stuff is in one place.
[...] I'd have to download/look at 4,522 images.[...]

Would you really have to look them all up?

I'd think that the names of the pictures would just be the same as the names in their links / that are linking to them, so can't you just copy them into the folder, where they're requested by the system noe?
The software renames the attachments, so every file looks like: 1-0722003fc5600f4fd5b7b861819b3c26.data.

But you don't have to look at each one, no. You can kind of scan them for things that you're looking for.

Hi everyone,

I've been utilizing the search function ( not very well ) looking for information about Father Luke. He and I exchanged a brief PM here and there when I first joined the site. Would like to know how the man is doing? I see he hasn't made an appearance under that handle since 2009. Would I be overstepping by asking if he's alive and well?

Thanks guys.

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