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This book will be ready to ship in about a month. It is being sold in several outlets including through the artists network, so I expect this to sell very fast once the word gets out.

Jack Kerouac & Ed White - Where Celine Raged
Letters. 12pp, 7 inches x 10 inches.
Cover lettering and 8-color letterpress print designed by FAILE and printed by Bottle of Smoke Press.
Fine Press edition publishes a pair of letters from 1949.
The book is letterpress printed on Hahnehuhle Bugra paper in 2 colors (text) and Fabriano Tiziano (cover). Limited to an edition of 225 copies; 150 sewn in wraps with FAILE print in black ($25) & 75 hardcover copies with 8 color FAILE print and signed by Ed White and FAILE ($75)

To order:

email me at [email protected] with questions.

Did I say that it would be out in a month? Still getting there, but obviously I missed that deadline. The good news is that I have just finished printing the text pages. I'll order the plates for the art for the inside and the covers tonight and if all goes well, the paperbacks will be ready to ship in a couple weeks. Then a couple more weeks for hardcovers. The hold up on the hardcovers is that I am doing an 8 color letterpress print on the inside by FAILE. Not only are that many plates really expensive, but technically this is oh-so challenging. Not only is this 8 color, but they all must me perfectly registered or I'll have to scrap them and start over again. Sadly, I will not know until I print the final run....
This has taken a LOT longer than planned, but I hope that it is worth it. the hardcover has an 8-color letterpress print, with razor thin registration. I committed to doing this by listing it on the colophon, but then was not sure how the hell I would pull it off. The results were even better than I ever dreamed... I printed all 8 runs in an 11 hour printing session in Newark, DE. With registration this tight, even waiting until the next day can be a problem as paper can grow/shrink with humidity/temperature changes. There was no room for errors as I would not know that something went wrong until the last run...


These books ship on Tuesday. Copies still available in both editions, although I have presold about half of the hardcovers.

I still have nightmares about doing tight registration of spot colors on small single color offset presses, I don't know why any reasonable human being would even try it with letterpress.

Then again, we're not talking about a reasonable human being...

I think I figured it out by piecing every post together and seeing the pics, but do yourself a favor and write yourself a decent press release instead of a bad ABE description. You obviously put a lot of sweat into printing this, but I've spent more time on an eBay ad trying to sell defective condoms... And I hope you know I have the highest respect for your work... Just want you to sell these babies...
Which is why anyone interested in donating their time to Bill to help make BoSP great should email him and ask him how they can help! Any techno-press release saavy forum member got the skills? I'd imagine there might be some terrific books, etc. in it for the right applicant...
It is not the technical side of it that is the biggest hurdle. The biggest hurdle is the same as it is for most small presses; finding customers....
True, true.

It's easier now than it's probably ever been to find and buy small press stuff...and yet it seems like the small press has yet to win over the average hearts and minds of the world. Hard to say if that will ever change...
The other day, a new customer (in NY) of PEP told me about his two cats and how they were being intimidated by a falcon that kept landing on his window ledge. He even sent me pictures. I think I must have decided to tell him about my dog and somehow it got round to his little tale. I enjoy those little interactions. Not the bullshit corporate "personal interactions" but real ones. I'm still wide-eyed at the idea that someone in another timezone, who I've never met, is talking to little old me; add to that they are buying something I've made, well, that just makes me feel like a seven-year-old in a strip joint. God knows what people make of some of the notes I include with my books, but I think if someone is going to give me their coin then I want to try and say something...even if it's about my dog having gas.

So finding customers isn't easy, but if, like Bill, you are making something worthwhile then you hope that those customers who do find you want to stick around.

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