JUICE (Summer 1974): Chilled Green and Ken & Ann Mikolowski (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
This magazine contains Chilled Green, but more importantly, it is an early retrospective of Ken & Ann Mikolowski and The Alternative Press.

Although quite plain in layout compared with the unique post cards they helped publish, it contains the text of all the post-card poems they had published up to that point (1974).

After reading about this ambitious couple, I was kind of surprised there wasn't a thread on here for Ken & Ann Mikolowski and The Alternative Press, so here is an attempt. If someone with a strong small press interest would like to borrow this copy, I'm happy to lend it -- although the visuals are much better in the references below.

Bukowski.net Chilled Green thread

Lasting impressions | Visual Art | Detroit Metro Times

The Alternative Press | From a Secret Location


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I was going to post a scan of my signed copy of the Chilled Green postcard, but I learned that my scanner/printer won't scan if the printer's out of toner. :confused:

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