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I tried this subject in another thread and was ignored...most rudely :)...maybe I was off topic.

Anyway, are you (the collective you) familiar with the cartoonist B.Kliban. Besides Buk, he is the only artist who has grabbed me right from the first and held on for years. I bought "Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head" at a Library sale for .25 cents...the last little book I purchased cost me $25 :eek:

It makes me wonder where I was when this guy was alive...Gary Larson is clever, but can't really keep up with Kliban.

I'll attach a sample below...

Don't know Kliban. I think Larson is brilliant.
Cartoonist is not the right word, but I like Joe Sacco.
Ever heard of him?
Thanks for the response ROK...one in million...well Sacco sounds familiar but I'd have to see his work since no images jump to mind. (I'll do a little google-ing)

Gary Larson is a favorite of mine too, but seems sort of watered down compared to Kliban (in my opinion). Kliban, on the other hand, well I'll attach another sample...you be the judge...

Bobby D


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