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If you ever feel like you need something unrelated to Martinizing to stir up your ire, then consider the art of Rob Liefeld, perhaps the worst comic artist of all time. He became vastly rich and influential despite being unable to master even the most basic of elementary style and anatomy.
If you've never laughed through gritted teeth, prepare to experience a new sensation:
and a follow-up 40 worst drawings:
being an old school comic art fanatic - the ec guys, kirby, ditko, wrightson, etc. i can't stand that new style of flashy comic art. todd mcfarlane is as bad as any and is a HUGELY popular modern comics guy. his original art sells in the hundreds of thousands at comic art auctions. sickening.

why'd you have to get me started...>:((
Friends, misled by Liefeld I fell down a wormhole (webhole?) and entered a site dedicated to reviewing bad webcomics. Tell you the truth, I didn't know such things existed, though I had never given it any thought. I warn you that this site is positively addictive, containing all manner of atrocities barely comprehensible to the human mind. Hmmm, too Lovecraftian, you think? I present to you incontrovertible evidence of man's inhumanity to man.... Bad Webcomics Wiki:

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