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Hi all,
Does anyone know of any bookstores/dealers/sellers who have any Buk manuscripts that arent at premium prices?
I'm moving into my first apartment soon, so I'll be broke for the next god knows how many years and I'd really like to buy a signed manuscript that'll keep me going (inspirationally) whilst I'm on the breadline!
I've tried Ebay but I'm growing increasing frustrated (to the point of rage) with being sniped - I'm assuming people are using sniping services to do so, which makes it even more annoying! Like the one I've just lost by 5 measley bucks, by someone who apparently put in the bid 2 seconds after me - they may have better timing than me, but i'm assuming not!
Any help guys?
right, off to grab a drink to calm down...
Snipers are a pain. Officially they are not breaking any rules, but it is frustrating to those, like me that refuse to use any type of sniping program. I watch them the old fashioned way. Once, I had someone that ASSUMED that I sniped them and sent me a nastye-mail. I replied that I beat them fair and square and did it "old-school". They were cowardly and never replied with an apology for opening their yay and making the error.

You will have a tough time finding anyone that will sell them at anything less than what they can get on ebay. Also, a few years ago, two cellectors hit the market hard, buying up everything in sight and driving up the prices. Although they are down now, they will probably never get back to those pre 2003 prices of about $70 for a decent signed poem manuscript.

Cheers Bill,
I guess I'll just have to keep plugging away at Ebay and hope tht I can eventually win one!
I remember the good old days of ebay where if you had a steady nerve, you could get in with your bid a couple of seconds before and win - manual sniping I guess! damn those machines that rob us of so much! I guess its not out of the realms of possibility that someone just had a second on me with their 'manual' bid, and coincidentally their highest bid was only 5 above mine.....But I'm still hacked off so frustrations needed venting!
i've obviously never bought a manuscript before - whats the 'average' price these days (if there is one?)
You were probably sniped by a computer. If I was you, I would look into using a sniping program yourself. I refuse to, but that is me. That may be the only way that you will get one. I would say that you would pay at least $300 for a signed poem, usually a lesser quality poem at that price.

Why not frame a broadside? you can have it matted and framed nicely. You will get a better quality poem that way.. Something great like "the Bluebird". Or maybe a letterpressed one? They are usually small and look great framed. The one that Verdant PRess published (my cats) would look great matted with a brown mat....

I cut my own mats here, so I have all of the ones that I have published matted and framed, as well as "20 Tanks to Kasseldown".
You have to realise that they may have actually entered a bid that was $500 higher than yours, but ebay will only up the price by the minimum required to beat your highest bid.

I've always thought that the only time to bid is at the end of the auction. I know Bill likes to put an early minimum bid in, and I've seen auctions where I meant to bid late but just forgot going for the minimum so its not a terrible strategy.

But if its something you really want, then the only way to win is to bid late, bid high. Probably.
I used to put in a bid as soon as I saw an item that I wanted, until I got burnt a couple of times where there was someone else who was just as obsessed withi winning the item, so the usual bidding war ensued and I ended up paying a lot of money for things that werent' that valuable! Hence, as Hank said, bidding right at the end is best in a way, as it cuts out the chance of a frenzy.....but it obviously gives you pretty much one shot at winning, or none if you forget!
I've thought about a broadside or two, and dont get me wrong, they're great (and at least you can get a great poem that way), but I just love the idea of owning a manuscript - I know from the 80's onwards they're all just printed from Buks computer and signed, so its not as if they've been manually typed out, but I just love the idea of owning something thats 'raw', from the man himself, rather than a broadside which may look aesthetically more pleasing, but has only been signed by Buk and not come 'from' him if that makes sense?
Th e ones I've bid on have been going for $450+, so maybe they're overpriced a little? I guess the market fixes the price in a way though, so although it seems higher than the average, maybe thats what they're going for at this precise moment?
I'll keep on hunting, theres got t be something out there thats in my price range that'll end up being pride of place in my apartment!
Th e ones I've bid on have been going for $450+, so maybe they're overpriced a little? I guess the market fixes the price in a way though, so although it seems higher than the average, maybe thats what they're going for at this precise moment?
That's what they go for now. As Bill said, there was a time maybe five years ago when the same manuscript could be had for $75. Then a few years ago the same manuscript may have run you $1200, due to the bidding wars.

The $75 - $100 prices were artificially low, because Scott at Abandoned Planet flooded the market with manuscripts. The $1200 - $1500 prices were too high, due to what seemed to be a blood feud between two bidders. So the price now is probably right where it should be.

In 20 years today's prices will seem like a steal, so it's always a good time to buy. I have to say that I think the carbons will retain more value than the Xerox and computer print outs, but who knows what people will want in the future.


As for sniping, you can beat the snipers every time, it's easy. Just put in a bid higher than they are willing to pay. You'll never lose.

In fact, a sniper is at a disadvantage if you think about it. When you bid with 5 seconds left you do not have time to counter with a higher bid, should someone's pre-existing bid trump yours.

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