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Has any1 ever read
(or even heard of) Mark SaFranko?

Look at this blurb ->

"I know why I write. I write because I must. I cannot stop. I'm driven by rage and insanity and crushing ambition. Mark SaFranko scares people like me. I believe the guy would rather write than breathe. I envy his talent and commitment."
--- Dan Fante (From the Introduction to Hating Olivia)

And there's more just like it....

I can only find 2 books by him and they are over 90 bucks.
I've seen him pop up in my ebay searches - a UK seller places 'Bukowski' in his listing titles for this guy. There are couple of paperbacks on ebay uk now.

This looks like a homepage for him:

I have a feeling the publisher is in the UK, but I may be wrong there.

edit: snap Bill :D
i've seen his books on ebay as well. i actually looked him up about a month ago and tried to find his books in the local bookstore to no avail. the "hating olivia" novel sounds good to me....
And Bill, get to reading!, and let us know how that 1st book is.

It is crazy here. I barely have time to wipe properly lately let alone actually read.....

Actually it is more creative than personal hygiene. I am finishing up a couple books. One is the hardcover, year one of the GPP (all 24 broadsides bound in hardcovers) and the other is an upcoming bibliography of the works of David Barker (Rekrab on this very forum). The GPP year one is long gone (and will be ready to ship in a few days). Year two, with about 20 copies still available at $50 each will be ready in mid-september as justin.barrett is flying out to help me with these. I have not announced David's book yet, so now would be the time to reserve one. $25 plus shipping, but for the hardcover, $7 for the paper, plus shipping...

Sorry to go off topic, but I would rather you folks get a shot at these before the universities and others snatch them up....


p.s. In case you were wondering: GPP Year 1 (limited to 26), GPP Year 2 (Limited to 50), Barker Bibliography (Limited to 26).

p.s.s. mods, feel free to delete or move this post as desired and feel free to scold me for not only taking this off topic, but for shilling my wares....
Mark SaFranko

Wow. Great find . . .

From the website:

Mark SaFranko is a survivor. He has survived psychotic women, threats to his life, and borderline insanity. And jobs... lots of jobs. Freight loader, landscaper's assistant, truck driver, chauffeur, deliveryman, clothing salesman, short-order cook, newsboy, factory hand, astrologer, dinner theater actor, bar musician, film production assistant, teacher, editor, proofreader, bank clerk, political risk analyst, office temp, ghost writer, crime and sports reporter, stock clerk, government pensions clerk, fast food worker, and telephone sales solicitor.

Definitely my kind of guy. . .
Just read 'Hating Olivia' after a recommendation via an interview with Dan Fante. He's reminiscent of several other 'realist' writers that would spring to mind but he also has his own distinct voice / style. I'll certainly by checking out some more of his work.
If he is being embraced in Europe with barely a nun's fart of recognition here in the U.S.of A., he's certainly worth a look. You lovable Old-World shits are seemingly always ahead of the curve with what's worth a damn. Here, we must await the commercial.
i've always been turned off by people who advertise themselves with the whole "i write because i HAVE to I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE" line. it seems so gimmicky to me... and i know that bukowski pulls that same line a lot, and i can't stand it when he does.

i guess i'm interested in reading someone who is a good writer, whether or not that person writes infrequently as a hobby or because they "have to." just because someone feels the need to write doesn't make it worth reading.
just because someone feels the need to write doesn't make it worth reading.
Not based on most of them I've read, no. More often you end up in a sea of garbage and it's impossible to find anything good in there.

But I think a lot of people who say it these days picked it up from Bukowski. It's a very romantic notion, like many aspects of the persona he created.
I'm a newbee, but seriously, READ READ READ SaFranko - start with LONERS - Seriously, it's worth the 25 bucks!!! get it, get it, get it.

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