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Hello- I am trying to find a Bukowski story where he visits a famous poet who has a houseboy who demands that both Chinaski and his friend "leave all monies", and then threatens to break Chinaski's friend's arm if he tries to intervene. It's driving me insane- I know I've read this someplace, but can't find it in my library. Oh, that's how I found this forum. Cheers, and- Thanks

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Notes of a Dirty Old Man, page 98 in an old City Lights edition. Story begins:
'I had gotten a bit drunk one night when this guy who had published a couple of my books said to me, "Bukowski, you want to go see L?"

Originally printed in Open City No. 70, Sept 20-26 1968 (thanks DiB).
Hank- thank you my friend. My version of the re-print has it on p. 79, but your helpful introductory para made all the difference. I had actually begun to think I had hallucinated the whole deal. Cheers to you, my friend. - TKR

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