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Here they are:



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thanks Bob.

glad to get more info on Liza Williams. she always struck me as an interesting person.
When I click on treehousemagazine site link there's a text saying something like, "Hacked. You loose", and there's nothing you can click in order to enter the site.
Has it really been hacked or is it some kinda stupid joke?
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The site was working this morning, so apparently some kid has hacked it.

Good little story... worth reading when it comes back up.
I see! So it's been hacked sometime during today. I hope it'll be back to normal soon so I can read the story.
Thanks, guys!
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it's back. read it last night...great little story.

i found this bit quite interesting:
"This was the Liza who ran off to Bora Bora with Hunter Thompson's 300-pound Samoan attorney from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. "One Bora is not enough for us," she confided just before they left."

could this be the first true connection between bukowski and thompson???
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