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There is a poem "On Beercans and Sugar Cartons" which is listed as from Simbolica 26, 1962. Dorbin has a question mark next to 1962 (?). It is published as "On beer cans and sugar cartons" in The People Look Like Flowers, pp. 249ff. I seem to think we discussed this previously, but the poem discusses the fact that "woman and child moving out/Wednesday" and "maybe the next time there are riots in the streets," thus placing the poem 1965/1966 during his separation from Frances and the Watts riots. I couldn't find the thread so perhaps I misremember. But the poem is definitely not 1962. Is it then from Simbolica 1965/66? Anyone have a copy?
The mag may not be dated. In the Finch catalogue, a lot (Lot #51) of 4 Simbolica issues (19, 20, 21 and 26) is described with the dates: [1960-?1962]
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