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Wonder if anyone can help with a question about "pacific telephone" from Love Is A Dog From Hell?

It starts with "you go for these wenches, she said".

I'm interested in who that "she" might be. The carbon from Buk's typewriter is dated 11-1-76. I know he met Linda Lee Beighle 9-29-76 so that's my guess. Any others?

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i would guess it was the woman involved in the record industry - 'liza' - that was a few years earlier but her saying that she doesn't drink would exclude linda lee i believe. one of the experts around here might have a better idea.
it doesn't say that she doesn't drink. she says it hurts her bladder when she drinks. also, in the poem she says she loves buk, so that doesn't seem right for linda lee to be in love yet, having recently met him. my guess is liza williams as well.
Yes, it could be Liza Williams, but it could also be someone else. I don't think the date of the poem necessarily points to a woman he was with at the time. It could just as well be about a woman from his past.
I'm wondering if Madge in the poem, asking for money, could be Franceye. Buk often helped out Franceye when she lacked money for food for her and Marina.
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These stories didn't always happen around the dates he typed the poems either (and sometimes they didn't happen, period), bear that in mind.
well of course, that bear is always in mind when it comes to buk!
although, being in Dog From Hell, which somewhat accompaines Women, the poem seems to fit that era of his life. but hell, who knows for sure. maybe i'll make a youtube video of my guess...;)

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