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If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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... and the fact it was written in Germany in the 1930s says plenty about today's political situation.
It made me look up Brecht in "Screams From the Balcony" and yes, Bukowski mentions Brecht positively a few places there.
Reading Brecht's collected poems in english and norwegian this summer... He seems quite up to date in many ways, I'm sad to say.

Sit down . . .
Sit down
Are you seated?
Lean back by all means
We want you sitting in comfort and at ease.
Smoke if you like.
The important thing is, you hear every word I say.
Can you hear every word?
I have something to tell you that will interest you.

You are a dickhead.
Are you sure you can hear me?
I hope that beyond any doubt you can hear clearly and exactly what I am saying.
I repeat: you are a dickhead.
A dickhead.
D for Dennis, I for Irene, C for Clive, K for Ken
Head as in “head”.

Please do not interrupt.
You must not interrupt me.
You are a dickhead.
Don’t speak. Don’t make excuses.
You are a dickhead.

I’m not the only one saying it.
That good lady, your mother, has been saying it for a long time.
You are a dickhead.
Ask your nearest and dearest
Are you not a D?
Of course, they won’t tell you
Because then you’ll get vindictive like all dickheads.
Everyone around you has known for years that you are a dickhead
Of course, it’s typical that you deny it.
That’s what it’s like: it’s typical of a D that he denies it.
Oh dear, how difficult it is to get a dickhead to see that he is one.
Downright exhausting.
But look, it has to be said.
That you are a dickhead
It’s surely not uninteresting for you to know what you are.
Not knowing what everybody knows surely puts you at a disadvantage
What’s that you’re saying? That your opinions are no different from your pal’s?
But he’s a dickhead too
Please don’t let it be a comfort to you that there are plenty more D’s.
You are a D
It’s not such a bad thing really
Won’t stop you living till you’re eighty.
In business it’s a positive advantage.
And as for politics!
An asset beyond price!
As a D you don’t have to bother about anything.
And you are a D
(You pleased?)
So you see: we know that you are a D.
Do you still not quite understand?
Who else can we get to tell you
Brecht says it too, that you are a D
Here a minute, Brecht, you’re an expert, give him your opinion
The man is a D
There now
A single playing of the record will not be enough.

- Bertholt Brecht, planned to be included in "Reader for City Dwellers" (1930), but not published until after his death.

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