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Bukowski books I have:

The Captain is Out To Lunch...
Betting on the Muse
Post Office
Ham on Rye
Love is a Dog From Hell
Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument...
The Flash Of Lightning Behind The Mountain: New Poems
Bring Me Your Love (with R. Crumb art)

I think that's it.
mine isn't very big but it's gonna grow once i get a job lol.

Love Is a Dog from Hell
The Roominghouse Madrigals
War All the Time
Sifting Through the Madness.....

Short Stories
Tales of Ordinary Madness
The Most Beautiful Woman in Town
Notes of a Dirty Old Man

Post Office
the collection that's filled the shelves t'the back fuck, ousting all else to the burned up carpets:

post office.
ham on rye.
new poems vol 1.
new poems vol 2.
new poems vol 3.
new poems vol 4.
love is a dog from hell.
notes of a dirty old man.
hot water music.
what matters is how well you walk through the fire.
south of no north.
shakespeare never did this.
roominghouse madrigals.
tales of ordinary madness.
play the piano drunk like a percussion instrument until the fingers begin to bleed a bit.
confessions of a man insane enough to live with beasts.
you get so alone at times it just makes sense.

being in the arsehole of nowhere this is a decent attempt so far.

but what did decent ever do?

fuck all, i'd say.
i'll tell y'this, an tell y'no more, i found that wonderful title in a bargin bucket of an antiques shop in t'town a ballymoney nearby to were i now live.

the price i hear y'holler?

brace yr bones for this.


rotten condition.

dylanjgallagher: you mention "New poems" vol. 1-4. I have only heard of a title called: "Open all night:new poems" (Black sparrow press 2000). I gather yours is something different. Could you tell me who the publisher is and what year/years they were published?
certainly sir,

"These poems are part of an archive of unpublished work that Charles Bukowski left to be published after his death."

published by the fine folks down at Virgin Books Ltd - 2004 & 2005

volume one - previously published in US as "sifting through the madness..."

volume two - i've leant to a "friend" who then skipped the continent.

volume three - previously published in US as "the flash of lightening behind the mountain"

volume four - previously published in US as "slouching towards nirvana"

apologies for any confusion there.
Here's my collection. I have been collecting Bukowski since the early 80's and bought many of my signed limited editions at initial retail price through my local bookseller. Back then and through the early nineties, you could buy them for $40 or $50 bucks.
Crucifix - 1st signed
2 New Years Greetings from Black Sparrow
Betting on Muse - 1st
Bone Palace - 1st
Bukowski Scrapbook
Dangling in Tournefortia - 1st signed
Erections, Ejaculations - 1st
Factotum - 1st UK
Fire Station - 1st signed
Ham on Rye - 1st
Hollywood - 1st
Hot Water Music - 1st signed
Shadow of Rose - 1st signed
Love is Dog From hell - 1st signed
Open All Night - 1st with serigraph
Play The Piano Drunk - 1st
Post Office - 1st UK
Post Office - Melbourne (1st Aussie?)
Pulp - 1st signed
Pulp - 1st UK
Septegenarian Stew - 1st signed
Shakespeare Never Did - 1st
Sifting thru Madness - 1st
Slouching Toward Beth - 1st
South of No North - 1st
Captain Out To Lunch - 1st
Days Run Away - 1st
Last Night Of Earth - 1st signed
Night Torn Mad - 1st w/serigraph
Roominghouse Madrigals - 1st signed
War All Time - 1st signed
Women - 1st UK
You Get So Alone - 1st
Come On In - 1st
Flash of lightning - 1st
What Matters Most - 1st
dylanjgallagher said:
volume one - previously published in US as "sifting through the madness..."
volume two - i've leant to a "friend" who then skipped the continent.
volume three - previously published in US as "the flash of lightening behind the mountain"
volume four - previously published in US as "slouching towards nirvana"
Not a brilliant move to take away the traditional Bukowski-line titles and name them 1, 2, 3 and 4, but what do I know.
Love Is A Dog From Hell
War All The Time
The Flash Of Lightening Behind The Mountains
Slouching Toward Nirvana
Sifting Through The Madness For The Word, The Line, The Way
Come On In!
Betting On The Muse
What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire

Tales Of Ordinary Madness
The Most Beautiful Women In Town
Hot Water Music
South Of No North

Ham On Rye
Post Office

Not very big, but upon my next paycheck the growth will continue.

and good god Bill! Thats enough to make one tremble!
two forum charter members, one crammed bookcase.


There's no buisness
Bring me your love
tales of ordinary madness
cherkovski's book
the captain is out to lunch and the sailors have taken over the ship (my fav?)
post office
hot water music
betting on the muse
s. stew
ham on rye
run with the hunted
the most beautiful woman in town
notes of a dirty old man (not pic'd)

ask the dust
brotherhood of the grape
the road to los angeles
1933 was a bad year
dreams from bunker hill

honorable mentions:
sicily enough (Claire Rabe)
The complete poetic works of michael madsen
sailing alone around the room (billy collins)
the portable henry rollins

makes me happy:
six feet under, better living through death
hs thompson (all)
the R Crumb handbook (comes with a great CD of his music)
wanderlust (troy m litten)

it's not a lot but it keeps us happy.
Melissa Sue said:
it's not a lot but it keeps us happy.

My only question is what's a Unix Networking book doing amid the Bukowski? (wait, on second thought, that's the prefect place for it.)
Have a good one,

Are "There's No Business" and "Bring Me Your Love" valuable and/or hard to find? Because they seem like the type of books with short runs. Then again I know nothing about publishing. The reason I ask this is because I found a copy of both of these in a Barnes and Noble near me. I was surprised, because they don't seem like the type of thing to be printed as continuously as, say, Factotum or Women.
I actually got mine at my local B&N, so I guess maybe they keep 'em stocked? No idea but I'm sure one of our in&out-of-print-savvy ppl on this forum does.

They seemed rare at the time, almost like i stumbled on a big mistake on the part of some hapless stockboy. the guy who rung me up was equally shocked and kinda miffed that he missed them.
mine are 7th or 8th printings, so I think they are regularily printed. I guess it depends on what your local bookshop carries. Around here, it's odd to see any Buk on the shelves.
That's a nice collection! And you have some buk cd's under the books, I see. I like the buk drawing of the insect very much!
Insects possess...six legs (one pair per segment) and wings (if present in the species). The abdomen, originally made up of eleven segments, has excretory and reproductive structures.

Spiders...have eight legs and no wings. More precisely, a spider is any member of the arachnida order.

Buk is such a joker (and he creates new species).


Hello all

This is really why I registered...

I started reading Bukowski 18 years ago...same old 4 poems in a collection... bought a book (my first was "Dangling")...then bought every book I could get my hands on.

Within a few months I owned all the commonly available titles.
Then one day I bought "Hollywood" in hardback and realized I had bought a first edition. I started to pay attention to the limitations and quickly became obsessed with the idea of owning limited edition copies.

Now I have dozens of first (and only) editions 4 or 5 presentation copies and around a dozen or so lettered copies.

I would love to know about the 'pride and joy' of your collections.

What is the killer book(s) in your collection?

A few of mine:

At Terror Street and Agony Way (with 'Sreet' for 'Street') - 1 of 18.
Letter S of Heat Wave - 1 of 26
As new copies of 'Crucifix', 'It Catches My Heart...' and 'Cold Dogs...'
'You Kissed Lilly' hand coloured where Bukowski has added "You Is Ill" inside the titles open font (1 of 1?).
I owned 'Not Quite Bernadette' Special edition for a while but sold it.:(

I don't want this to become a pissing contest - I'm genuinly interested in the other collections out there.

Thanks guys.
buk on a bike, here's the link for the thread...
I'm sure there's another thread where members have taken pics of their collections.
my collection is big, but nothing that rare. A couple #'d firsts and a signed piece mixed in. The day I got the signed piece was a exciting day, tho.
Here's my list...



It seems Bukfan is the only one who owns: Neither Bought For Gold, Nor To The Devil Sold: The Life And Hazardous Times Of Charles Bukowski

Not interesting to the other members?
Nice collection, HC! - Looks like you've got all the (available) titles. - If I can lay my greasy hands on a digital camera one day, I'll post mine...
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Yes, this item is particularly interesting:


I was looking at the picture thinking, "Damn, that looks familiar...where have I seen that before..."

So far, I have these books.


Well, small collection I know, but everyone has to start somewhere and usually has some regular goodies posted to quench my Buk fix.

When I have a more stable financial situation, I'll start working on bulking it up.

NOTE: I also have the 14th edition of "Bring me Your Love" with Crumb art.
what next?

I just picked up a copy of love is a dog from hell,third pritting,paper back for 75 cents in a yard sale I often get good books at a low price.some asshole thought that they could improve on BUK'S stuff,so they crossed out some of his words and placed some of their own,I think thats unreal,what next?I hope they don't find his drawings.
I've listed all of my Bukowski items in the order that I obtained them so that you could see the progress of my growing collection. Bukowski is special amongest all of the writers whose books I've bought because I haven't bought seven books/CDs from any artist or writer in a one-year span in the way that I've been gobbling up Bukowski material. The dates when I acquired these items range from the first book thirteen months ago to the last three items which were all purchased this week within two days.

Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way
Burning in Water Drowning in Flame
Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills
Love is a Dog from Hell
Ham on Rye
70 Minutes in Hell
Run With The Hunted

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