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At the bottom of the fourm menu under the on line names and all the other stuff are the words log out on everyones page or am i off center again?it says log out wayne


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Mine doesn't say "log out wayne"... it says "log out chronic." Something to do with sunspots and the CIA, no doubt.
ah, Wait! - there's second line saying:
"... and everyone else with a Buk-drawing as an avatar!" - hehe.

(btw, of Course I did get the quote from the Buk-CD! :-))


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thanks i knew it was the cia,now i'll sleep better were do i get this shit from?i think it started in up state new york around aug. of 69 any body here about the get togethere?anyway thanks,but i'll still watch out for the sun spots.
... sounds like the old game:
I know, that You know, that I know ...

we're One family here, aren't we?
in a way, it's kinda incest here. [hehe - hard words!]
But it really FEELS GOOD to be here! - could this be an explanation why incest happens?

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and to know You and to have all you great folks in my life now! - Thanks!

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