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Fair enough... :) ... there you go.

But I'll trade half a dozen post 1994 lettered BSP books for a fine copy of Run with the hunted or Flower, Fist & Bestial Wail.
[...] took place on April, 1954. He says as much a in at least two letters.

but doesn't he also say - WAY more often - that he was 35 when it happened?
of course the spring of 1955 would also not fit (34), but spring 1954 he's 33!

also all the other happenings in 1955 (quitting PO for 'ill health', marriage to Barbara Fry) would make sense in that context.

of course i haven't seen all the sources You have.
one day i will and then i'll understand.


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have you ever seen copies of Xenia and Nexus? ;)
I recently found a copy of NEXUS, Vol. 3, No. 2, Issue 15, edited by Jerome Kulek [San Francisco, March-April 1967]. The database and Dorbin show that it contains a poem titled “Tough Luck” (Dorbin C374), but this issue has no Bukowski contribution. Dorbin doesn't cite any page number, so perhaps a copy was not examined...


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"tough luck" is a great, short, funny poem that should appear in Storm. It's a little bit on the wild side, a little bit on the macho side. I wouldn't say it's a masterpiece, but it's a solid poem that should have been published a long time ago.
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