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Recent PBA auction on 15 Jan (1 Viewer)

Not a lot of buzz over latest PBA auction.

Only 2 Buk books:
1. The Days Run Away - signed first hardcover - 50 of 250
2. Love Is A Dog - wrappers - advance review copy

The Days Run Away sold for US$540.

I think that is a reasonable price for a pretty rare book - even after you add the auction premium.

Love Is A Dog didn't sell.

I was suprised PBA didn't link it into ebay as they usually do for more exposure.

Any thoughts?
It's crazy to bid at a PBA auction via eBay. You end up paying the 20% PBA buyer's premium AND the eBay fee! You're paying two fees for the same item. I have a vague recollection of someone at PBA mentioning they may bail out on eBay because of that. I might have imagined the conversation.
The copy of Love is a Dog From Hell is not worth the $200 starting bid. It is simply a 1st edition wraps with a printed note dropped in it saying that this is for review. It is not one of the 29 ADVANCE copies. It is not an ADVANCE REVIEW COPY, it is a review copy that would have been sent out at virtually the same time as the regular run. No surprise that no one bid $200 for a $75 book.


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