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It's been a while that I am reading poetry by famous American writers and the first name that comes up is Charles Bukowski. The first poem I read was bluebird and it created some kind of connection with him.
That's the reason I joined here. I wanna know more about his work and his life.
Thanks for reading it till now. Hope we can learn and discuss together. :D
Hello and welcome to the forum!

I could sit here and recommend you all of my favorites by Bukowski, but it may be better that I tell you this place has a huge database full of Bukowski's work, and even a timeline if you wanna know more about his life. There are also many threads in which people here discuss their favorite poetry books, short story collections, and novels. You should have plenty to begin with. I think the general consensus (don’t take my word for it) for a starter pack is:

Poetry book: Burning ln Water, Drowning In Flames

Short story collection: South of No North

Novel: Post Office

Again, welcome and I hope you find something you like.
Hello again,
Thank you for recommending. Yes you are right. I will definitely look through all of his work here.
1. Burning in water, Drowning in Flames. 2. South of No north. 3. Post office. NOTED. :)
Gonna check them out now. Thank you again.

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