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Reserve Auction Bidding (1 Viewer)

Momentarily putting aside my hatred of reserve auctions on ebay - the bidding system has me stumped.

I thought you had to put in your bid and wait for someone else to help bid it up before it reached the reserve. The system automatically adjusting your bid up.

But on the recent 'You Get So Alone' auction below - you can see that the winning bidder placed a knock out bid and won.


Well done to them but can anyone shed some light???

Interested as I have bid on items before with a reserve but it never reached the reserve and I was stuck on lower amounts.



old and in the way
If you bid below the reserve before it's been met, ebay will just show your opening bid and note "Reserve Not Yet Met." It will still show the high bidder but if he hasn't met the reserve he still hasn't won the auction. If you bid above the reserve, the price will immediately jump to the reserve price with a "Reserve Met" note. After that it's business as usual.

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