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This site www.hulu.com has alot of SNL clips. Maybe not a ton of the older stuff but good stuff all around. Sorry for the typed only link, I'm no good at figuring out how to make them direct to site. CRB:)

hulu.com is great. They have quite a few good, fairly recent, and complete films available for free viewing. My computer is plugged into my 42" plasma and the picture from hulu looks great from halfway across the room (which is where I sit when I'm watching TV anyway).
The vast majority of the show over all--well into the ninety-n percentages--is nearly unwatchable, and has been for a long time. The curse is that you have to somehow keep tabs on the show, if you are into comedy, to avoid missing gems of pure insanity like this (longish, but don't give up on it)(and comedy lies in the eye blah, blah, so YMMV).
Agree, agree, agree, but Johnny Depp was as good if not better.
The Jim Jarmusch movie is Broken Flowers

Yes, and Murray also had a cameo in Jarmusch's "Coffee and Cigarettes." He is of much more effective use in smaller, understated roles in art house films that have less of a linear narrative and make better use of his early training as a stage and sketch actor, particularly of an "improvisational feel" that you see in some art house circuit films, pioneered, I believe, by the late, great John Cassavettes.

Random note that's probably incredibly obvious: Murray's humour has matured with his audience. What About Bob still makes me laugh my ass off... but the incredibly dry Broken Flowers & Lost in Translation also has the same effect on me. Murray is one of the rare actors that possess that ability, in my opinion.

I think the funniest person who gained the majority of their fame with SNL had to be Eddie Murphey or John Belushi (his brother kinda makes me cry from lack of talent... where the fuck did those genes go? John was a goddamn Blues Brother, c'mon now...) The funniest skit I've ever seen on SNL in the old days was Ebony & Ivory that Murphy did with Steve Piscopo (who kind of extremely irratates me - saw him in Atlantic City about 2 years ago... terribly dissapointing.)... then again, for modern day, the VP Parody Debate with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin (AKA Michael Vick) really restored my faith in SNL. Until of course I watched it last night and saw one of my favorite modern day actors (Hugh Laurie) totally let me down as acting as an oversized, talking lamp.

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