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well, i just wanted to say hi! i've been a fan since last year when i scanned my school's library collection and found a mere two poems by buk (poetry readings and the last song). i fell for him immediately, particularly the last song. i wrote a poetry analysis for a few of his pieces and found out that my english teacher is a huge fan as well. she gave me a copy of Hostage which was supperr neat. my sister is also a buk head, so that makes 3 girlies to add to the list of women fans.

so anyhoo i joined because you all seem to know so much about him and his work and i am eager to learn more. the only novel i've read so far is Ham on Rye, and i recently watched Born Into This, which made me appreciate him even more.

what other authors are yall into? i know it is damn impossible to compare bukowski to another but i'm curious. i dont like much poetry aside from his shakespeare occasionally, and ee cummings. sylvia plath is intriguing, but she makes me feel dumb, haha.
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I'm new here, too. Just thought I'd drop a few names you might be innereested in. Fred Exley wrote a great book called A Fan's Notes that's pretty easy to find. Also Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges, Hemingway's short stories, A Conferacy Of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole, John Berryman, Paul Celan, and James Wright to name a few. All these people take the poem, the story to the limit, I think. Oh - and Robinson Jeffers - he is the american Shakespeare.

Good reading to you.


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