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Some More Bukowski Books for sale (1 Viewer)

In addition to the previously posted signed hardback of Pulp I also have the following books. I would rather they went to collectors. My email is paul at pauldruce.com . I also have some other non-Bukowski books which may be of interest to members but I am not sure if I can post them here. can I ?
all the best

Bring Me Your Love
Hardback. Excellent condition. Acetate cover. Single stitched signature (by signature lowercase i mean the folded pages).
Eighth Printing.

Burning in Water Drowning in Flame
Hardback. Excellent condition. Acetate cover.
Nineteenth Printing.

Paperback. Excellent condition.
First Printing.

A Bukowski Sampler
Paperback. Good condition.
Slight Browning on cover edges. Water stain on back cover (looks like someone spilt beer on it a long time ago.) inside pages are fine.
3 Printing.

Second list in the next post.
i'm not a moderator or really anyone who anyone should listen to, but i'd like to see what non-bukowski stuff you got.

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