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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Does anyone know what this is?

They offer a Dutch numbered version.... Is it a story or what?

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I think it is a short story, written in 1970 and published in 1971 in Adam Vol 15 no.3 1971

(Also in PIX vol. 4, no. 5 1972 according to the bukowski.net database v1)


I have a copy here. I remember it being in Dutch and English? Nicely done perfect bound story. If I can find it, I'll scan the cover. I am looking, but cannot see it. Hank Solo is right about the content.



It is what it is
Sound and Passion

Sound and Passion small.jpg

Here it is.


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I like the drawing. It's very Crumb-like. The artist is Peter Pontiac from Holland..
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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
This is crazy! It's up to:

40.00 EUR = 54.0011 USD

Or isn't it...?

Any comment or explanation, Bill or others?

Hi everybody,

my first post here....

The Sound & Passion booklet was published in 2003 by my small, small publishing house (Bandini) that I run with two friends here in Amsterdam.

Indeed, the story is from Adam magazine. I have quite a large Bukowski collection myself, including magazines, and once I found out that Sound & Passion was not reprinted in any later book, we decided to print it ourselves, as I recall (that contact was laid by one of my Bandini-friends) with permission from John Martin.

It is a bilangual edition: a Dutch version of the story, translated by Susan Janssen who translated most of Bukowski's Dutch editions; the original version; and a translated interview from Hustler magazine with Bukowski (1977).

The cover illustration is done by Peter Pontiac, a well known Dutch (underground) illustrator. He draws Crumb-like, as Bukfan noted. I chose him and designed the edition so, including the size of the book, that it would be family with the BSP "Bring me..." and "There's No..." books. As a hommage...

The book originally sold for, lemme think, 12,50 (euro's). That covered the costs, since Bandini is a foundation, and we are not looking to make a profit. Funny to see that it sells now for 45 euro's.

Martin Bril is a well known Dutch writer and a Buk fan. On our request, he wrote a poem on Bukowski that I handprinted on Rives paper on my little Adana hand press (letterpress). It was laid in the edition, and he signed 26 of them for the lettered copies.

Unfortunaly for you guys, the edition (376) sold out. I have only two copies left myself. And there will be no reprint. But I do have some (15?) copies of the seperate poem by Martin Bril left, in Dutch, and am willing to send a copy gratis to anyone who is interested... let me know.

The next project Bandini is working on is "Trivia" by Philadelphian Logan Pearsall Smith. But that will be only in Dutch...

I have not been working on my Buk collection for some years (because of the taxman ;( ) but since I stumbled upon this website, I feel it itching again...

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