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This is a weird one. But it's a Werner Herzog movie, so you'd expect that. It's not even the film itself that's weird but the story around it. I think if I had known the back-story before seeing the film I might not have liked it as much.

Three Germans go to America to find the good life and get rich, but wind up in a Wisconsin backwater which is as bleak and boring as you might expect it to be. Without really giving anything away, the story is based on the actor who plays Stroszek. So it's a guy playing a variation of himself. A quasi-documentary fiction of sorts. At least for the first half, then things just go off the rails and everything unravels. In a good way.

If you are a fan of odd films, see Stroszek, then go read about it. It's an older movie - 1977 - so don't expect any high resolution dolby encoded blu-ray eye candy.

Most Herzog films are good in a weird way, even the newest ones. I still have to see Encounters... but I've heard it's a pretty good doc.
I've seen the movie in the early eighties and I liked it a lot. The scene at the end of the movie with the dancing chicken (which dances in a box when you drop a coin in a slot) was a nice metaphor on Bruno's life because he too was a victim of the circumstances, just like the chicken who was forced or trained to dance at the drop of a coin. They where both caught up in a situation they couldn't control. At least that's how I interpreted the scene.
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I haven't watched it yet, it is famous for being the last film seen by Ian Curtis, a few hours before he hung himself.
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loved this movie. loved it so much, I bought it (in a box set).

the ending is brilliant.

if you watch the dvd, listen to Herzog's commentary track. it's almost as good as the movie. almost.

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