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I had no idea; thanks for the nostalgic trip through '77. That's Amber O'Neil with Buk there at the end, I believe. And of course, an Alabama gal won the wet T-shirt contest. :cool:
I tried to get a copy of Super Van to watch from Netflix. No luck. It's very, very not available. I may have to try to find a copy on EBay. I've still got my VHS player so I'm ready to go. Go to see your still around Philly Dave.
The DVD has been on eBay lately for about $4. Someone is dumping a lot of unsold copies. Hard to imagine. :rolleyes:
why would anyone want to watch that whole movie? (ya you, danny mac)

that's such a cringy clip with bukowski.

you can see that girl he's letching at at the end gag as he grabs at her.
The infamous Supervan is currently on Amazon Prime for free...i tried to watch it....well, it's as bad as people say. Bukowski makes his cameo somewhere in the middle.
The cameo is on YouTube. The rest of the film is up for debate on it being worth the time. The hotel doc he narrates is about the same. He really seems to be enjoying himself though, even though the winner of the wet shirt contest is arguably not too attractive. As always it seems he needed a larger t shirt himself!

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