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Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
In many instances Bukowski makes reference to ashtrays.
I love mine (s) which I chose very carefully.
I do not like them full, simply because it reminds me of how much I've been smoking, but before ashtrays become obsolete, I thought of collecting pictures of them, to turn them into something else, an art project! The A word, I just said. They are viewed as disgusting, they are being thrashed, hidden, disapprovingly stared at.

If you are into it, would you send me pictures of yours if you have any, and write something about them. This project is not meant to save the planet but to dignify the relationship you've had with yours.

My favourite is the black one below, which I bought from a café owner in Andernach. It just sat there on a table, glossy and stylish. When I asked to buy it, he opened a box full of them and sold one to me for 5 euros.

I like the bar ones with a certain patina. I like them glossy too, soft, large, functional. I like them red. The crystal ones turn me off and appear rather cold and definitely calculated. Oh! A Pinwheel! A Wedgwood one for the retentive, a Moorcroft for the romantic, the big lump of clay for the artsy. The marble one for the italian, the brass one for the hippie in you.

Anyway, feel free to join me if it amuses you. Send me a pm
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Although I quit smoking in 1997, I have a glazed, earthenware 1950's tail-fin model ashtray that helped conquered Detroit. Heehee

The bid starts at TWENTY dollars....

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