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I've just realized, that a Swedish/Danish/German coproduced mini-series, that I liked, got adapted for US-TV: 'The BRIDGE' aka 'Die Brücke' (aka 'Broen' in Danish / 'Bron' in Swedish) [basicly weak int. trailer / German trailer].

The Remake of the same name ('The Bridge') being settled on the US/Mexican border instead of Denmark/Sweden had just started this summer. Haven't seen it yet, but am looking forward to it. Not so much because of the plot or suspense, but because of one main-character that I TOTALLY LOVED in the Original series: Saga Noren, being a cop with Aspergers, which leads to odd situations at times.

In the remake it's Diane Kruger playing her US-counterpart, Sonya Cross. [nice interview on that role] I fear a bit, that the remake will disappoint me (like, e.g., the US-remake of 'The Prisoner' a short time ago).

So, not quite sure if this'll be a 'The Bridge'-thread or a 'Saga Noren / Sonya Cross'-appreciation-thread or whatever.

Has anybody seen it?
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We have recorded all of those but haven't yet started watching it. But the word is it's very good. Having said that, a remake probably would disappoint you. Remakes always seem to disappoint. But the locale being different probably means that the story is very different as well.

As you mentioned, the locale in this one is the U.S./Mexican border. The plan at first was to do it on a cold border (U.S./Canada) like the original, but I think the change to Mexico makes for more interesting possibilities.
[...] Remakes always seem to disappoint. [...]

o, I CAN enjoy remakes.

I'm absolutely convinced that the choice of local setting was perfect, for exactly that reason you name. The social impact is much stronger and there are more plots possible (for future episodes).

What I've heared is that they stick to the original plot very much in the first season (the Original only had 5 episodes and was a closed case then).

the Original starts with a dead body found on the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden, next thing they realize is, that the body is cut in half exactly on the border, which causes both nations to be on duty. Little later they find that the two halfs are actually parts from two different bodies etc.... As far as I've read, the US-version repeats that pattern exactly and this goes on throughout.

I'm quite aware, that a remake needs to be different, in certain parts (or you wouldn't need to do it at all) and to be similar in other parts (or you could make up a whole new thing instead of a re-make). I even LOVE some remakes (all cineasts will beat me now, but I do prefer 'Breathless' with Richard Gere FAR over the Goddard-Original 'Sans souffle', which I dismiss).

So, yeah, I'm looking forward to see it, especially to see more of my favorite character. (It was for her, Saga Noren, that I wished for a sequel ever since I've seen it. And now I sort of get it.)
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I enjoyed this as well.

It was character- / actor-driven.

One fun thing for us Norwegians was how the series portrayed the cultural differances between Swedes and Danes. As far as stereotypes go, Swedes are a bit stiff, humourless and hung up on protocol. Danes are more laid back, easy going, beer-driven and genial. Portraying the Swede as a beautiful logic-driven blond, with no empathy at all (Aspergers) is a swedish stereotype in a nutshell. The Dane ditto.

This could also work in a mexican/californian kind of way.
Maybe a Tortilla Flat sort of thing - without the chuckles.

But a lot depends on the actors.

As far as the plot goes, that was not my main interest.
still haven't seen the remake, only short snippets. But from what I gather, the following statement pretty much sums it up in terms of Saga Noren vs Sonya Cross:

"Cross has an interesting story to tell – but she's not the entirely original, other-worldly Noren that fans of the original show found so compelling. [...] Her Aspergers seems much more acknowledged and heavily underlined. And while Saga seemed so very much from another world, Sonya just seems out of place in hers."
(source: The Guardian, which is Brittish)
"Cross [is] not the entirely original, other-worldly Noren that fans of the original show found so compelling. [...] while Saga seemed so very much from another world, Sonya just seems out of place in hers." (source: The Guardian, which is Brittish)

too bad that quote wasn't only right - it was under-stating the fact that this remake is a total fault.
there are parts of the series on youtube now and what I've seen is more embarrassing than embarrassing!

I want a sequel with the REAL and TRUE Saga Noren on TV - Now!
Roni: The sequel is into episode 2 here in Fjordway. It hasn't grabbed my interest ... Yet
There actually IS a sequel?
Lucky me!

Why hasn't it grabbed your interest? Is she not good? Or is the plot so extremly weak? or the directing? I hope they didn't smooth out her character.

have just seen one of the teasers for the new season. she's still wonderful.

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Well, I never loved the original series that much. My interest was in the quirky personalities of Saga & her Danish counterpart. So far, it doesn't look like they've cooked up anything new for that mix. And the main story just bores me. Sorry! ;-)
Having not watched the clip I love the translation. Curious and amused. "How do you manage that? You used to have sex all the time?" ;)
I ended up watching the clip. It looks like worth checking out. The "curious" comment was just a dumb silly comment of mine.

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