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A "much-decorated coloratura basso cantante"? :eek:

I guess that's from about 2002? Sadly it seems that is no more. Oh wait... there's always

Opera Meets Skid Row $12.95

Here's an enthusiastic review of that CD.

What more?
Bukowski Songs $14.95

mjp I know you are temped.

Buk Re: Music. . .

"It has kept the rope from my throat/maybe it will
loosen yours."

There is a world of difference between
stealing/adapting, and dedicating.


Two examples of dedication would be
Arthur Godfrey dedicating a song to Bukowski, <- - article

and what I felt was well done,
<- - YouTube link

where is workproductions now that we need him?

thanx, cirerita !
Well guys, its old Valerian here. Yes, Nickel City Opera is back and we just did our first production of Barber of Seville. The plan is to have Persis Vehar finish the Bukowski opera for a 2011 or 2012 premiere. Its entitled 'Alone With the Gods'. Check out

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