The Cockroach Hotel (Dedicated to his cockroach partner, Pete Larouche) (1 Viewer)

This was published by Tom Kryss at Black Rabbit in 1968. I have never seen one in person, but Bukowski is supposed to have an intro of sorts. I suspect that member JASON has a copy of the book.

That's great, James! I'm looking forward to reading it...
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here's the cover...

contents page

and a sample of one of the poems(not hard to see why buk liked him)

one of the screenprints inside

i wasn't happy with the scan of the buk intro so i'm either gonna retry or just type it out. the way that the book is bound(some sort of stapling method where you can't see the staples on the front or back cover) makes it difficult to scan the whole page. it leaves the words on the left side blurry...hell, here it is anyway...the second sentence says "willie is having a look around".

I bought a copy of this book in the 70s and used to enjoy reading it. But I lost it about 25 years ago and was just doing a search on it which brought me to this site.

I remember a line in it which went something like "in ten years time she will be my wife -- karma blows yer mind ... "

It does indeed. I'm trying to track down a copy of it as it will bring back memories for me.
Sorry to bring this one back from the grave, but I just got a copy.

Does anyone know whose poems these actually are?

The intros credit Blazek and Buk, but no other attributions – except to Willie, of course...

(I’m assuming they're Blazek’s poems)
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There's nothing much (really nothing) online via a simple search for "the willie." Speaking of items I have, The Cockroach Hotel was published by Tom Kryss, along with There is What Left to Understand About a Light Which is not Able to be There or Lone Goldfish in a Tank of 659 the Trench Principle Without Foreplay (the prevalent opinion is that this is not really the title of this work, for what that's worth; but it is better than Come On In! in my book) and a Tribute to Jim Lowell.

There is What Left to Understand contains a letter and a poem from "willie" with no other attribution or biography. Cockroach is all willie, and nothing is to be found in the Tribute to Jim Lowell from aforementioned willie. But, for some reason, I really like the T. Kryss work; if only for the addition of silk-screened or letter-pressed prints in an early mimeo effort. Plus, the Jim Lowell book (he distributed Buk's The Genius of the Crowd in Cleveland in 1966 and was incarcerated for doing so) is part and parcel of why censorship not only sucks, it needs to be spoken against as often as we can do so. A few major efforts worked in past decades (Howl comes to mind), but we can't let them lie. Someday, those arguments may need to be made once again, and perhaps more vociferously.

Sorry for the ancillary info, but my point was that I looked for more info on the willie and ended up finding out how much I dig these early small press renderings.

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